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Unborn Jesus

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During the Unborn Jesus Holy Hour, members of the apostolate honor Jesus in the Womb of Mary, while praying for an end to abortion and for all pro-life needs. We encourage you to pray together as a group during exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Some Unborn Jesus Prayer Groups offer a Holy Hour each week, others pray once a month .

Each group pray The Angelus, An Act of Consecration to our Lady of Guadalupe, The Way of the Incarnation and the Helpers’ Litany to Jesus in the Womb. These prayers are available in both English and Spanish. They may be downloaded from this web-site in PDF format .

The Unborn Jesus Banner is usually set at the front right.  A software version of the Unborn Jesus Banner (see picture above and picture at right panel) may be requested via e-mail at


The group leader is responsible for obtaining permission from the parish pastor to organize an Unborn Jesus Holy Hour. Once permission is given, the group leader plans the schedule with the adoration coordinator at the parish. The next step is to enroll prayer warriors. Before the first meeting, the group leader needs to be sure there are enough prayer books available. It is recommended to announce the prayer session in the parish bulletin.

You may submit your local pro-life prayer intentions for the groups to pray for them. Please submit your intentions via e-mail to: mail.stop@unbornjesus.com

The prayer request will be sent to other Unborn Jesus Group leaders so other groups can pray for these needs. Unborn Jesus Groups are also requested to pray for petitions and deceased unborn babies posted at the Unborn Jesus Website