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Unborn Jesus

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This letter was written by a 12 year old girl who was scheduled to have an abortion on October 14, 1998. My Counseling time in front of the abortion clinic was over and I was headed for home when I began to feel a strong pulling back to the clinic.  I fought the feeling to return to the clinic because I wanted to spend time with my own daughter at home. As I proceeded towards my home I began to choke and I knew the Holy Spirit was intervening and calling me to go back to the clinic so I turned my car around and went back toward the clinic. As I parked my car at the clinic I noticed a gray car circling around the clinic. Inside the car were 2 ladies; a mom and a daughter.  I ran out of my car and approached them with Spanish literature. They were very receptive and they there were tears in all our eyes. The mom explained that her daughter was only 12 and still in 8th grade and they did not want to do an abortion but they felt they had no choice. They said they were circling the clinic because they could not find it. The 10 minutes they were circling the clinic were the 10 minutes in which I was returning to the clinic. The mom said she had prayed for a sign and she told me I was the sign. We all cried and prayed and I told them this was a miracle because God put us in each other's paths at the exact moment of their appointment.

Thanks you for all you have done for me. I will always appreciate the first day I met you because if it wasn't for you, my mom would do something she'll always regret and never forget. Now she is proud to be a grandmother and I thank you and God for for stopping her to do a terrible thing. Now I feel happy because a beautiful baby inside me is growing every month and soon he or she would be with me to share the happiness and beautiful things of this world. I can't wait to feel the special thing every mother feels when their baby is born. Thank you Georgia for all you have done for me and for being nice to me.  Thank you and God bless you always.

Love always

B. J.

Witnesses of Life.