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Unborn Jesus

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Witnesses of Life.

It was Good Friday 1995

As I walked into Holy Angels Church

Emptiness and coldness surrounded me.

No flowers, plants or decorations could be seen,

Nor Holy water to bless myself.

No other human soul was there.

As I sat alone looking at the altar

Below the Crucifix I saw

The Empty Tabernacle... Dark, Lonely and Cold

“Where is Jesus?” puzzled I asked.

Ah! This is the day he was crucified for us.

Staring at the tabernacle I heard a voice say,

“That was you when because of the abortions

you went through,

You died with your children and became an

Empty Tabernacle.”

But my sorrowful hearth understood

the real sacrifice of love Christ made for me

Shedding his blood for forgiveness of sin.

His merciful love has filled my heart

That no longer am I an Empty Tabernacle.

Now I understood better that day

I walked into the church of Holy Angels.

There's hope for a happy Easter

After a torturous Good Friday

For I too, have resurrected with Jesus

My loving Redeemer!

+ + + Claudia

In memory of :

Richard Anthony

Daniel Andrew

Christine Anne

The Empty Tabernacle