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Unborn Jesus

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Goals of the Unborn Jesus Apostolate

The Unborn Jesus Apostolate has set as its goals the following objectives:

To worship and honor the Unborn Jesus in

   Mary's Womb and to promote this devotion.

To honor Our Lady with the title of Our Lady of

   Guadalupe as she appeared in Mexico; with

   Her Child on the third trimester.

To enrich ourselves with Catholic Doctrine on

   the Incarnation and the Immaculate


To pray for an end to abortion.

To pray for women considering aborting their

   babies, so God may guide them to change

   their mind and to spare the life within their


To pray for the conversion of those who support

   abortion and those who practice abortion.

To pray for those who are afraid to speak

   against abortion.

To pray for those enlisted in the crusade for life

   so they will peacefully defend and assist

   pregnant women and the unborn children;

   and provide peaceful means for the

   conversion of those who support abortion.

To pray for women who have had abortions,

   and to direct them to assistance  with  

  repentance and reconciliation.

To participate or organize processions to

   Unborn Memorials.

To pray for a total end of the culture of death,

   this includes also an end to Euthanasia and

   any other form of abuse to the sacredness of

   human life.