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I Had an Abortion


I had an abortion at age 16, I am 24 now and it affects me more now than it did then.

I have 2 children now. The day my first was born was the day that I had realized what I had done 5 years before.

I had the realization that I had denied a gift from God, and not only did I deny it but I slaughtered it.

I was not offered any options other than abortion and saw it only as a way to get "rid" of the "problem"

If I had only thought of this "problem" as a living human being that I was going to tear from limb to limb I surely would have made a different decision.

I ask forgiveness everyday for what I have done and I also thank God everyday for blessing me with my daughter and son.

I responded to this sight because as someone who was all for Pro-Choice in the past and has experienced abortion first hand I am completely against it now.

If you are pregnant killing your child, your flesh, your blood, will not resolve anything.

Find your options. I thought that I knew love but the day my daughter was born, that beautiful little face staring at me, I felt a more intense love than I thought I could ever know, and to know that I killed one of my precious children just to avoid a tough situation will haunt me forever.

If you are considering abortion I beg you to reconsider. There are huge amounts of wonderful loving people just waiting to have a baby in their lives,  make their dreams come true.

I know a lot of people who say, "I couldn't carry a baby 9 months then just give it away." It is better to give a child to a loving family than to take its life.


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