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~ O ~

In honor of Baby Ruth who died at 11 weeks in the year of 1977 because of an abortion

Your Mother is sorry and misses you very much

~ O ~  

In honor of Baby Perry who died in the womb at 3 months because of a miscarriage

We miss you so much

~ O ~

In memory of Baby Brackett

This little unborn angel died on January 12, 1994 when he was just one month old due to an abortion

Your Father Loves You and Wanted You.

I will never forget you.



You lived only for 1 hour but changed us for a lifetime.

Our precious little Angel

In memory of Andrew Kruse

October 12, l998

Born prematurely at 22 weeks

We love you always, Mommy and Daddy

~ O ~

In loving memory of  

Theadora Michelle Clark

Little Unborn

Theadora was 2 1/2 months when she die on February 6, 1996 due to an  Abortion

Thank you for teaching me to forgive myself.

This little unborn baby name is Angelica Nur - meaning angel and nur from Arabic, meaning light, as angels are said to be made of light.
Epithet: I love you, I am sorry, and can't wait to see you in heaven, love Mama!

Her date of conception is approximate on January 26, 1989.

The date of her death:is on March 4, 1989

The cause of  Angelica Nur's death was a forced abortion on her mother by Angelica Nur's own father and her mother's parents.

~ O ~

In memory to all the innocent, unborn babies who have been killed in Colorado by abortion since its legalization in 1974 until the end of abortion.
We want you to know that you will never be forgotten. We try to do as much as we can to save the lives of other unborn babies.

We pray everyday for people to get the courage they need to speak out against this horrible holocaust. We hope  to meet you in heaven. We are so sorry. Please forgive the apathy and silence of this country.

We love you,

Diane & Bernadette Cordova

Little Unborn Baby Francis,

Aborted, on November 13, 1981 at the age of 25-30 days old.

~ O ~

Please pray for your little brothers and forgive me, your mother.

~ O ~

Little Life, you take away with you a part of me, some piece of me, torn from my heart.

And yet, nobody seems to understand really how I can love so much an unborn baby, who will never be born...

But I am your mother.

We love you.

Little unborn baby Francis Adam Davies died at 13 weeks after conception on March 13, 1997 due to a miscarriage

~ O ~


The doctors though my baby was dead till they delivered her. She was fine. The water on the brain was never there.

In loving memory of Shyan Kline.

This little unborn angel die after 6 Months of conception due to a Natural Miscarriage on December 2000

~ O ~

Twin sister of Courtney, we miss you.

Little unborn baby Mary Elisabeth Davies died at 9 weeks after conception on February 27, 1990 due to a miscarriage

~ O ~

You are still with us in spirit.

Little unborn baby Jamie Liam Taheny died at 13 weeks after conception on January 8th, 2001 due to a miscarriage

~ O ~

Micah Mason Toby Mason

We lost our babies do to a miscarriage on March 27, 2001. I was 11 weeks along.

In honor of unborn baby Donovan Franke. Died July 7, 2000 due to miscarriage

We love you and miss you so very much. Our hearts have been broken, but we know you are happy with Jesus and other family members. We will see you one day and look forward to holding you for the first time. Love forever, Mommy & Daddy

In honor of unborn baby Gabriel Franke whi died April, 2005 due to miscarriage during his fifth week in the womb

I prayed and believed so hard for you that it's hard to believe you were never meant to stay with us.  Enjoy Heaven and all it has to offer.  Give your big brother a great big hug and kiss from his mommy, daddy, brothers and sister.  I love you so much.  My heart breaks at knowing I'll never get to see you grow up.  You'll forever be in my heart and a part of this family.  Until we meet again... 

These little angel's of God shouldn't have to be in this garden

This is for all the babies that were unknowingly conceived but aborted by birth-control pills.

What you don't know can kill them.  I'm sorry, God forgive me.

Pray for them.

I love you

In honor of unborn baby:

Baby Keeney-Powers

who died 11 weeks after conception due to abortion on January 6, 2001

We didn't know you, but we loved you so much. We all can't wait until we get to see you in heaven. Until then, enjoy Jesus and the company of your cousin Donovan and the rest of your family. We all love you so much and you will never be forgotten. Keeney & Franke families

In memory of little unborn baby Hogman

My wife Cindy was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.

She was pregnant with our second child and had miscarried at 5 months.

~ O ~

Baby Angela Grace, died May 1982, from abortion.

"I will hold you someday in Heaven"


Your Mommy

~ O ~

Baby Michael John, died September 1984, from abortion.

"I will hold you someday in Heaven"


Your Mommy

In honor of Benicio Mio

April 23, 2001

This courageous baby struggled to survive a difficult pregnancy. For lack of amniotic fluid, his lungs did not developed.

Many were the hearts he touched.

~ O ~

Saoirse Dunsford-Platt

Returned to Heaven unborn at 14 weeks due to a miscarriage on 31st December 1991

We didn't know how much you would be loved and missed until you were gone but we know you are still with us.

Sharon Endacotte

~ O ~