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All for the Sacred Heart of Jesus! - All for the Immaculate Heart of Mary! - All in union with St. Joseph! - Amen!!!


Mommy and Daddy Bissonnette

Ray and Michelle Bissonnette Love and Miss You

Daniel Joachim Bissonnette Conceived In Our Hearts

Matched: December 11th, 2004 - Born : February 11th, 2005 AT 3:00 a.m. - Weight: 7 lbs, 13.7 ounces - Length: 20  1/8 inches - Lost: February 14th, 2005 at 4:40 p.m.

Daniel, We will always think of you and remember you as our loving son. We were your mother and father to you for over 2 months, while you were in uterus.

I was there through all those medical appointments and I was there when your birth mom went into labor.  I even cut your umbilical cord, with your help, of course. I nursed you at my breast for 36 hours, as I had induced lactation especially for you. You were the child of our dreams. We are so very sorry to see you go. Wish that it could have turned out differently.

Our time together was cut short by betrayal. A part of us has also died. Learning now how to go on. We cannot wait until we are all together again in heaven, where there is only truth. Dear Daniel, please pray for us! We love you and miss you. We will never forget you, son! Ever! Love, Hugs and Kisses!



~ O ~



Unique was aborted at 8 weeks old unborn in 2001 Two Birds was aborted at 10 weeks old unborn in 1999

They were my only daughter’s children.   I miss and love them dearly and I have their small graves of remembrance which I visit it daily with red roses. Their Grand Mother Barbara Little Feather.

Little Arrow was aborted in Atlanta Georgia, March 2005 he was 28 weeks LMP

 Michele Lee Armstrong

Mom was young and in despair when found out of this pregnancy and drank poison in early pregnancy. Only God knows if I killed my own baby.

Baby Michele, please forgive Mommy for being a fool and pray for me to forgive myself for what I did to you. Lord Jesus, have mercy on my soul. Lets all pray for each other and abortions to end. 

Died at birth on Feb. 1, 1990 due to a rare neural-tube disease. She lived an hour and was baptized into heaven.

My nameless niece or nephew (I have given you a unisex name, Storm)

My sisters "procedure" is on Monday 7th November 2005 (please pray she changes her mind) South Africa (I am in Canada)

 Lord please bless the little angel that was never given a chance, let them know they are loved


John was very much loved and wanted by his loving parents. Please pray for us  and all who yearn to be parents. We love you so much. Love, Mommy and Daddy.

John Gabriel MacInnes
Unborn - Died at 9 weeks on Feb. 1, 2005 from a miscarriage - United States of America

Karol joins a sibling in heaven. Karol was very wanted and our hearts ache in grief. Please pray for
us and know that your Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Karol Joseph MacInnes
Unborn - Died at 6 weeks on July 10, 2005 from an ectopic
pregnancy - United States of America

Name: Victor - Died: May 15, 2004 three weeks after conception.

He was very much wanted, but he was called home. I named him Victor because I know one day unborn children will be the victors, and we will win recognition and respect for the unborn child. I'm sorry I never got to know you.


Unborn baby Angel die at the age of 12-14 weeks due an abortion

Please forgive me my precious Angel- I did not know what I was doing and was consumed with anger with God for taking the life of my sister away- and wanted to hurt God and you.  I pray dearly now for taking your life away and I am haunted by my actions.  Please try to forgive me. I love you my precious angel. I am so weak and selfish and didn't know where to turn to for help.  I am so very very sorry from the bottom of my heart.  I will love you forever.  May God keep you in his tender care and God Bless you always my sweet angel.

Unborn baby Antoni die at the age of 14-18 weeks due an abortion

Please forgive me my precious Antoni- I should know better. I did not  want to do it. I really hesitated but was given no support. Please forgive me for my weakness. I am so very sorry that I was not stronger and to hold your life in my arms.  I am so very sorry for taking your life and I will live with that for the rest of my life.  Please know that I love you very much.  May God hold you in his precious arms and forgive your mother who was a terrible mother. God Bless you my sweet angel.  Please forgive me.


Graham Harrison - Died in a miscarriage in 1984.

He was my brother. I am alive because he died. If Graham had been born I would not have been born when I was. I miss him.

We never spoke about you much, but I always knew that you were present, my brother. You are not dead to me. I look forward to seeing your face in heaven. I love you.

Your little sister, Brittany

Unborn baby Peter Lafrance die stillborn at 9 months in the womb on Oct. 1979 in Canada

Baby Peter was my older brother. Mommy and Daddy were very  sorry that they lost you. They and your brothers and sisters loved  you very much. We know that you are praying for us with all the other little angels in heaven.

We will always remember you.

Love, your little sister, Monique

 I was pregnant with my third child . But I had to abort my baby when it was 8 weeks and 4 days of age.  Jesus I pleaded and tried my best not to do it but it was out of force from all my family. My dearest child please forgive you mom I love you more than anybody.




In memory of Baby Jack Rosenthal, who died by abortion at five weeks on March 31, 2004.

In my heart always, Mama

I will feel your pain forever- please forgive my selfishness and fear of being a bad parent, and you not having a father who would acknowledge you or be there for you – poor decisions that decided the fate of your life.  I felt you leave my body in both breathe and soul and will never forget the days prior to your death as I came to terms with my decision, alone and scared.

I can only imagine in my heart what you would have looked like. Perhaps hair like your brother, or smile like your sister. If reincarnation exists, I can see traces of your soul into the eyes of your new younger brother, who is now four months old. I did not choose you because I did not love you…I rejected you because I did.

Dear God,

Please help my cousin Jessica as she just lost her two babies through a miscarriage.

Give her the strength to continue living.  Let her know I love her. 

Also help her boyfriend Eric. 

Thank You

Gesù ti prego accogli nel tuo regno i miei fratelli non nati.Cari fratellini che non avete visto la luce amate noi vostri fratelli nati e proteggeteci.io prego sempre per voi.vi voglio bene Cettina

Unborn baby Jessica/Daniel Temple

Died during his first month in the womb on January 14, 2006 by abortion.

Your Aunt loves you so much. I wish you had the time to give glory to God. You are not forgotten.


Antonie, from the country of Malta, died during his first 6 weeks in the womb on December 3, 2003 due to a natural : miscarriage.

Antoine Xuereb

Jessica, from the country of Malta, died during her first 10 weeks in the womb on  November 8, 2004 due to a natural : miscarriage.

Jessica Xuereb

I'm a mother of 4 babies, the only one alive 6 years old Sebastian.

In 2004 I was pregnant. I was a coward and I decide having an abortion .  - On my dreams I saw a little girl (she was only 2 weeks) and I called her Angela because she is an angel.  

I hope God can forgive me for this. ( I didn't want to have the baby at that moment)

But specially I want to pray for my last two babies that I lost, one was in June 2005, and I believe was a girl too because I choose her name and that name is always in my mind, vida luz=light of my life.

And my second one lost the last April 2006, I named Emilia because I had a dream about twins, but just the doctor told me about the girl he was making a reference to a girl.

Maybe I'm a selfish but I think God is mad with me because I killed my second baby and he took my two little ones: Those are a miscarriages ( those I wanted with all my heart). Pray for them and me, because I have HPV, and a lot of problems with my stomach, I'm living under a lot of stress. -  Help me Jesus Christ.

I pray that you who was considered trash on Earth may be one of God's angels in heaven.

Unborn baby Gerard Majella

(Note: This is a name I gave the baby. The mother did not dignify the child with a name)

Die at 2-4 months in the womb on June 2, 2006 from Abortion

from Leah

For Stevan, our unborn child who, due to miscarriage, is now in heaven.  Pray for us, and we will pray for you.  Watch over us.  Bless us in all that we do.

Love, Mom and Dad

Miscarried in February of 2006 at 7 weeks gestation after his/her heartbeat was not found.

"Baby Tomei"

You unselfishly gave up your place in my womb so that your brother Sergio Michael could be born almost one year later on January 31, 2007. I know that you will always be with us in spirit. I will always love you.

Please pray for us my little angel...

Your Mommy.

Oremos mucho por "MI BEBE" NONATO  hace años siendo adolescente murió por aborto provocado,Pido perdón constantemente y doy Gracias a Dios por regalarme hermosas hijas y bellísimos nietos.Qué bueno es nuestro Dios!!!!!!!!!!!Qué ingratos somos los seres humanos.Lo hice por miedo a mis padres.Una abuela anónima

Laura and Erin have two baby brothers or sisters who died in the womb early in the pregnancy, may they intercede for sisters Laura and Erin before the throne of God, one day to welcome their loving family Mum, Dad, Laura and Erin into the heavenly home.  

Loretta Willow May Truscott

  May 1997

Unborn due to miscarriage

Blessed be to my sweet darling daughter, I felt you as my daughter, Beloved in the Mind of God, and more precious to me than anything I have ever known or felt. 

I pray for comfort and love in this journey's mystery. I love you and give thanks for your life.  11 Years later is the first time I have dealt with my grief. Pray for me Jesus. God Bless you Loretta Willow May!

I pray for the Unborn Jesus, a child conceived by a teenage friend who became pregnant and who got an abortion. I encouraged her to end it's life, I am so sorry for that.  This I pray for. I pray for her, her child in Heaven.  It was in 1974 or 1975.

I ask for prayers for the many men who have experienced this and find a way to embrace the Unborn Jesus, and in their heart, be comforted.


Pido que se recuerde la memoria de dos niñas Isabel y Cristina y un niño Francisco, que murieron en años separados antes de nacer.

A ustedes queridísimos infantes, les enviamos en todo momento nuestro amor y de que los extrañamos hondamente. Su ausencia ha marcado nuestras vidas.

Pido la intercesión de Nuestra María Madre Admirable y de los Angeles Guardianes de los niños, para que su familia sepa interiormente y con absoluta certeza que estos niños los acompañan en todo momento y los esperan en el cielo, junto a Dios y a María, y todos los Santos y Angeles. Les damos gracias por este sitio dedicado al Infante Jesús y a nuestros infantes.

Unborn Baby McKinney die 5 1/2 weeks due to an abortion on Thursday June 26, 2003

created May 14, 2003- Due Date was Feb 14, 2004

~ O ~

~ O ~

Even though it didn't seem like it at the time- you were meant to be. Your dad and I didn't get to see your sweet face or hear your beautiful cry. We know you are special and didn't deserve to die.. you are cradled now in the arms of Jesus and one day soon, we will meet our sweet baby that was created in love and passed on that June. We wonder what you would look like with your daddy's cute smile and your mommy's brown eyes.. every day we think of you and our heart cries.. We are so sorry and we love you..

I miscarried my baby Aaron Mikhail DSouza after 2 1/2 months of conceiving him. I lost him on 25th November 2003. Please forgive me for not looking after you better. Be at peace. Mummy and daddy and your sister Geneive  loves you very much.

One died by abortion in 1981 - I loved both my child and his mother Ainslie and would have happily married her. I did not learn of his death until after he was killed.

~~~ O ~~~

I miss you both my children very much and have not stopped loving you. I hope one day to see you and tell you how sorry I am for how things worked out.

Sadly I did not learn my lesson. Because of that, a second baby was killed in 1996. I was separated at the time and fell deeply in love with Alison. We planned to name our child John Adam. Things did not work out and I was blamed for the choice to kill John Adam by abortion. Again, I loved them both and wanted to marry his mom.

~~~ O ~~~

And please don't blame your mothers. Society sold them on the lie that it was OK to kill you. Blame me, for it was my lack of integrity and character that led to your death. The fault is thus properly mine.


~ O ~

~ O ~

In Memory of

Delilah Ashley Uhlmansiek

August - September 2007

This is for you.  The voice which cries to my heart every day.  May you rest in peace with Him & all the angels.  I can't wait to meet you.

Unborn baby died at gestational age of week 6.
date of death: sep 11, 2008
cause of death: abortion
country: Canada

~ O ~

~ O ~

I found out myself pregnant at Aug 18th, 2008. Mommy was so thrilled about you baby. I was so determined to keep you and was planning to get married. However, all of a sudden, your father thought it was too stressful to have you and broke up with me. He and his parents came along forcing me to the abortion clinc, ending things like this. I did not have a choice. I am so sorry baby, mommy was not strong enough to keep you. I never got a chance to see you, to kiss you, to touch you, to take care of you. I dont even have the courage to name you baby. I am so sorry baby. But you will always in my prayer.

Baby Emilio Juarez

Born, New Orleans area 

Die at 6 months of gestation in 1997 due to an abortion

Thank you Lord Jesus for you mercy, grace and forgiveness. I thank you for taking care of my son that I will never know in this life, but are eager to meet in the next. Please let my son know, how much I love him.