I once had a dream.

I dreamed I was in a dark place. There was no light, and no walls or ceiling. In a way, however, I was not alone, for I saw an image of a woman standing before me. She was not really there. Instead, she was like a hologram. She was white with long, reddish brown hair, and was wearing a flowing white gown. She spoke nothing, but simply stared into space like a statue.

Almost instantly I saw the image change. Her growth process accelerated, but instead of growing older she was growing younger. Within seconds her physical shape became like an unborn child in the womb of her mother. She became bald and developed humanoid characteristics much like that of a first trimester, not yet fully formed baby. And then the holographic image vanished.

I was still left in darkness, but the dark surroundings changed a little. I became enveloped in a tightly enclosed space. It had walls, but these were unlike the walls found in any household or building. The walls had a thin, almost rubbery texture, like the surface of a blown up balloon. And then I realized, like the image of the woman I had reverted to my pre-born existence! I was in my mother's womb!

But my level of education and knowledge remained the same as a 28-year old. I knew about the world, about the oceans, the continents, and the countries. I knew about mathematics, science, and the arts. Most important of all, I still knew about Jesus Christ. While I believe that we are all given an imprinted primitive awareness of God from conception, we do not know about Jesus when we are in the womb (except if we are John the Baptist!). Because I knew about Jesus I knew about abortion.

In real life I have done volunteer counseling of women in crisis pregnancy situations. But until this dream I did not have lull conceptual knowledge of what abortion was. During the dream I began to think of abortion and was given a revelation: abortion is the killing of an innocent human being in the circumstance in which 1 am in. This may not sound like a great revelation, but it was. I no longer saw abortionin a two-dimensional way on a graphic picture. It became three-dimensional as I felt intimately connected to the world of the unborn. Instead of seeing the womb from an ultrasound or photograph, I could touch it and, through a tiny bit of blurred light that came in, I could see it.

This three-dimensional realization also brought another startling revelation. The unborn child in the womb who is only a few inches long does not realize they are only a few inches long. For me, I was still five feet eleven inches. I did not feel that I had shrunk any. This made me realize even more than ever before that the unborn child scheduled to be aborted is truly fully human, more human than our society wishes to believe.

Knowing who my mother was I was not afraid of being aborted in the dream. I knew my mother was pro-life. I could hear voices faintly on the outside but, though I knew English, I could not quite make out what was being said. They were probably friends or relatives talking about me, the expected baby. In any case, I knew they were not abortion center personnel.

I searched around the womb to find the space that the abortionist might use if he inserted his tools of death. I thought it might be at my feet. At that moment I felt the righteous anger of God against abortion. How could we allow the murder of tens of millions of his little ones all over the world every year! Surely soon we are to feel the effects of what we have done!

Then the dream ended. The dream was actually a part of a series of dreams that night, ones so diverse that another was where I was Indiana Jones on one of his action adventures! It took a few minutes after waking up to remember this dream. But once I did I quickly forgot the others and realized was a marvelous gift of revelation I had been given. For none of us remembers truly what it was like to be in the womb, but I was given a glimpse, albeit an imperfect one, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

To those women (or boyfriends/husbands and any others) who are considering the option of abortion for a family situation I offer this: every child is a gift of the Holy Spirit and no problem is so dire that it warrants the killing of an unborn child. I was given a very special insight into the humanity of the unborn. They are truly human. Instead of seeking

abortion as a solution to the problem, a mother should look on her unborn baby as a budding gift given by God himself; which He in His infinite wisdom had ordained to entrust to you because he believes you have the intelligence and capability to handle it.

But you do not have to handle it alone. The world holds numerous avenues of help for those in desperate situations, such as Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity, present throughout the whole world, and Human Life International.  

Do not believe in the lies that the abortionists tell you about the child in the womb being just a "blob of tissue". it is not. It is a child. Believe me, I know.